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Activate your ideas
Your goals, your journey, our platform.

Welcome to, a pioneering platform dedicated to empowering inventors and startups on their journey to bring innovative ideas to life. In the world of inventions where navigation through legal, technical, and administrative aspects can be daunting, stands as a beacon, guiding you through the intricate process of patent filing and intellectual property management.

Patent Filing Assistance

From the initial idea to the final patent grant, we provide step-by-step guidance throughout the patent filing process. This includes help with preparing patent documents, conducting patentability searches, and understanding the relevant forms and fees.

Research Tools for Patent Novelty

Our platform offers advanced tools to conduct comprehensive searches, ensuring your invention is unique and increasing the chances of patent approval.

API Integration with Patent Offices

We are exploring the integration of our platform with patent office databases, like the US Patent Office, to automate and streamline the patent filing process.

Educational Resources

Access a wealth of resources and expert insights into the world of patents, helping inventors stay informed about the latest trends and regulations in patent law.

Our Services

Core Services

Target Audience

Inventors and Innovators

Whether you’re an individual inventor or part of a research team, our platform is designed to assist you in protecting your inventions.

Startups and Entrepreneurs

For startups navigating the complex world of intellectual property, offers crucial support to safeguard your innovative products and services.

Our Commitment is committed to demystifying the patent process and making it more accessible. We believe that every great idea deserves the chance to become a reality, and our platform is here to ensure that inventors and innovators have the support they need every step of the way.

Discover the path to protecting your inventions with – Your guide to navigating the world of patents.
The market for patent analytics services, which is relevant to, is projected to experience significant growth. In 2021, the market was valued at approximately USD 803.2 million. It is anticipated to reach about USD 2987.9 million by 2031, growing at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 13.78%. This growth reflects the increasing demand for such services, driven by a rise in patent filings and the need for specialized intellectual property solutions across various industries, including healthcare, IT, and telecommunications.
The increasing number of patent applications filed globally, spurred by heightened R&D activities, is a major factor contributing to this growth. For example, China alone submitted more than 68,720 patent applications in 2020, a significant increase from the previous year. Similarly, the Republic of Korea and Japan also saw substantial numbers of patent filings.

This growth is further fueled by the adoption of advanced analytics tools in the IT and telecommunications sectors. The development and integration of technologies such as AI, cloud computing, and big data into patent analytics services are enhancing the capabilities and efficiency of these services.
These trends indicate a robust and expanding market for, offering significant opportunities for growth and innovation in the field of patent analytics and intellectual property services.

Business Plan Overview

Mission Statement

To empower inventors and startups by guiding them through the patent process, making it accessible and navigable.


Activate your ideas – Your goals, your journey, our platform.

Core Offerings


  • Patent Filing Assistance: Guiding users through the steps required to file their patents.
  • Research Tools for Patent Novelty: Providing advanced tools to help determine the novelty of an invention.
  • API Integration with Patent Offices: Offering seamless connectivity with patent offices for easy data access and submission.
  • Educational Resources: Supplying materials and resources to educate about the patent process.

Market Analysis

Target Audience

  • Individual inventors
  • Research teams
  • Startups
  • Entrepreneurs

Market Opportunity

Projected market growth to USD 2987.9 million by 2031, with a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 13.78%.

Competitive Advantage

  • Specialized platform tailored for the patent process.
  • Advanced tools for comprehensive patent searches.
  • Direct API integrations for streamlined operations.



  • Aiming for a significant share of the serviceable obtainable market.
  • Projected to reach break-even within the first two years post-launch.

Funding Usage

  • Development of platform
  • Marketing strategies
  • Legal compliance
  • Team expansion
  • Operating costs

Strategy for Growth


  • Digital marketing campaigns to increase visibility and user acquisition.
  • Participation in innovation fairs and patent workshops to network and promote services.
  • Continuous platform enhancement based on user feedback to improve functionality and user experience.



  • Secure cloud infrastructure to ensure safe data handling and storage.
  • Advanced analytics to glean insights from user data and market trends.
  • AI and cloud computing to enhance user experience and service efficiency.
  • Big data applications to handle large volumes of data and provide accurate patent analytics.



  • Adherence to international patent laws to ensure that services are legally compliant.
  • Implementation of data protection regulations like GDPR to protect user information.
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